Hot Summer Hunt, but lucky enough to score nuggets

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Hello All,

Today my partner and I decided we were going to start metal detecting for nuggets early, around 5am. We managed to swing until around 1:30pm and then it was pretty warm. We drove through a few other areas thinking we might get a second wind, but after some walking around checking out a new spot, it was just too hot to start again. I did find a few spots that looked very interesting, excited to get back in the early AM to hit them sometime.

Here is our take for the day. Biggest nugget was 4.95 Dwt's, total of all gold was around 14 Dwt's. My partner was using the Minelab GPX 5000 with a Coiltek 14-inch Blitz, I was using the GPX 5000 with the NF Advantage 14-inch.

It's still out there if you want to prospect (even in the heat)! :blush:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Glad you got the yellow :)

Especially in the heat...I think the gold crawls down deeper to keep from getting hot in the summer....or maybe it just seems deeper when your digging for it! :)

Good job.

Tom H.

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