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Have you ever picked up a bucket of dirt and it seems like the handle is cutting through your fingers?

Now theres a solution.....

The new and improoved el cheapo bucket handle tube!

Yes, no more sore fingers and having to half your buckets. Now you can fill them to the brim and carry them for miles comfortably!!!

If you order now...I will send 2 handles for 19.99 +29.99 S&H


Ok...just go to Home depot, get a piece of thick wall 3/4 PVC, cut them about 4 inches long, get some pliers and undo one end of the handle where it goes in the bucket and slip it on.

Hope this helps someones fingers.

Tom H.

P.S. Reconnect the handle to the bucket. :P

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..............they are not IN the store....they are standing out front at the curb :)

Tom H.

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Guest sandtrap

CAUTION-- Hire one of those standing outside, he will "get" hurt, then sue you,,because you did not pay into workmen's comp for him, when you hired him !!

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