Today's Short Hunt for Gold

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Hello All,

Well today a partner and I decided to try a bit of luck exploring a new area. We have had our eye on this spot for some time, but always seemed to be too busy to spend a day or so prospecting it. There was a ridge splitting two potentially good looking areas, so we both took one side and zig-zagged back in forth hoping to pop a nugget or two.

The first hour I hit a small, 1/4 Dwt piece in a small drainage. Later in day I picked up 3 more small nuggets for a total of 4. The heat started to creep up, so I decided to see if my partner had any luck. As I was walking over the ridge, I saw him heading my direction. He was able to find 2 nuggets, but the color of his gold was a bit different. His gold was also much flatter than the small, chunky pieces I found. Our best guess was two different vein systems in the area.

We were both using Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors with 14-inch elliptical monoloop searchcoils.

Here are our finds, mine on the left side of the coil, partners on the right side.


Take care,

Rob Allison

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Glad you guys got out and braved the heat! :)

You got a reward also. :)

Heck who cares if its chunky or long as its yellow!

Tks for making the itch worse.... :P

Tom H.

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Nice find Rob and your partner! Some is always better than none. Cant wait to go out and learn how to do it like you guys do. best regards and Gold, Ralph.

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