2 days at Willow springs lake

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Hey all:

Just got back from a couple of days out at Willow springs lake above Payson.

Dang it was nice up there! So cool and it rained and we got wet and I got cold....just NICE!!!

I did a little detecting in a trib that runs into the creek below the dam. Got a really nice 22 casing and a big hunk of iron from some logging operation. It wasnt a gold area and I knew that....but what the heck. Lots of overburden and BIG rocks.

Mostly wanted to give the RV a shakedown cruise. It worked great. Was comfy and was able to take a shower,cook,see what we were doing! Weeeeee!

We did help OPEC out a bit on this trip. :0 That sucker uses some gas.

Dad did a lot of fishing and got some 5 trout. He was kind enough to let me have one so I didnt have to eat rocks and dirt for dinner.

We feasted on ribeye and trout, had a few brews, then slept like babies. :)

It was a great time out.

I was able to do some testing of the 5000 using all different kinds of settings over some test nugs that ive been wanting to do for some time but never get to do it once I get out in the field. Had the detecter set up pretty good. Just changed the audio pitch a little as my high freq. is kind of toasted from working around F-16s for 30+ years.

Enjoy the pics. :)

Tom H.

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Tom, Right directly at the top of your head in the background of the scenic pic. is Colcord ridge and there are gold lodes and placers there and to the south to haigler creek.Pops saved you from a rock supper but at least the rocks up there are softer than in the Bradshaws.Glad to see you two having fun.


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