Old Match Container with wood matches ...

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Hello All,

Last week I discovered this old match container that still had a few old wooden matches in tact. There was also a few small pieces of metal, one being part of the latch that held the match container closed. Pretty interesting to know the wooden matches were still there. I'm guessing it's a good 100 years old figuring where I found it.

Any thoughts?

match01 (800x600).jpg

match02 (800x600).jpg

match03 (800x600).jpg

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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Hey Adam,

Thanks! Some relic finds such as this are just as fun to find over a nugget. I was hoping with the rattling inside and knowing the placer location where I found it, that it might just have a few nuggets inside. Amazing the wood matches survived as long as they did.

Rob Allison

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