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I have a Minelab GPX 5000 and a Minelab CTX 3030. I am a firm believer at this point that the GPX 5000 has taken PI nugget detecting technology about as far as it can go, with only better ferrous discrimination the only thing to offer me. And I am not holding my breath for that. So where to go from here?

Pretty obvious I would say. Cram the GPX 5000 into the CTX 3030 package. I see no reason why it can't be done. The only limitation would likely be battery time per charge but if a CTX style battery could get me just a half day operation I am fine with changing batteries at lunch. A GPX 5000 is a single package with built-in speaker and GPS and waterproof to 10 feet would be killer. A new coil set mimicing the CTX set would be great as new waterproof coils would be a must. 8" mono, 11" (or 12") mono and 11" (or 12") DD and 18" mono would be all I would ever need. People are already using the GPX for beach and relic hunting and this would put it over the top. I would be using it for almost any detecting at all except where discrimination is a must, like turf hunting in a park.

Minelab GPX 5000 MSRP of $6995 (MAP $5795). You want to get another grand out of me Minelab? MSRP $7995? Give me a CTX 5000 or GPX 6000 or GPX 8030, whatever you want to call it and you got it.

Steve Herschbach


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  • Admin

Hey Steve,

I have to agree with you. Its amazing on the amount of people here in the US that can afford a Minelab GPX 5000 with the tough economy. If you look at the past history of Minelab PI's, all of them have increased in price at least $500 from the prior detector. My guess is that if a new Minelab PI would happen to come out, then the MAP price would be no less than like $6295.00.

I didn't see you at the Minelab Partner's Conference, but I did get to talk with a few Minelab Engineers and try to get the scoop on what could be coming out. They seem to believe there are more things that can be done, but really wouldn't explain what they could be.

I would like to see a much more lightweight design, like the CTX with an external speaker like you mentioned. I would also like to see a much better discrimination, but it always goes back to "you cant get a PI with a great discriminator."

Stock waterproof searchcoils would also be a good selling feature on a new unit. I've sold hundreds of the aftermarket searchcoils for the Minelab PI's since Minelab don't support this on their current PI's.

I don't think we will see anything soon, but hopefully on the next PI unit there will be some new features.

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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Hi Steve

I think you are spot on again.

Once I saw the pictures Info & feedback from those that invested in the 3030, I knew that this was the next logical step for minelab PI detectors, if they don't make this jump in technology & move away from the old technology "Big Box" well you know thier just pissing in our pockets.

Example, the new iphone 5 has more technology in it than a minelab PI & look at the size of the thing, they definatly need to break away from the old mould we all know that bigger is not always better.

Come on "Minelab" we know your good how about showing off & show us how good you are, you will not be disapointed with the sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Pretty obvious I would say. Cram the GPX 5000 into the CTX 3030 package. I see no reason why it can't be done.

Steve Herschbach


I HAVE also been thinking about this to myself like a broken record, over and over. Put GPX 5000 technology put into the CTX 3030 housing.!!!

And put Jesus Christ into your housing for assurance after this life.

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Well, if I can dream...

how about a dual detector? Put a CTX3030 and a 5000 in the same box with a switch to go from one to the other...using the same set of coils...I doubt they would; but I am pretty sure they could...maybe a 8-9 k machine but anyone with a ctx and a 5000 and a bunch of coils has that and more into their fun...


it is just a dream-the perfect detector.

I am awake now


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I don't have too many complaints about my GPX 4500 except the above

said items..

No offence to the Ausies but they seem to have a clunky "overkill" mindeset

when building some things you don't need a D 10 buldozer to level a

wheelbarrow load of dirt..Bigger is clunky smallis smart.

So how many minelabs are there compared to Iphones??

Costs a lot of money to design and prove it out or does it? Minelab hasn't

come up with much in the way of improvements for a long time some backyard

tinkers claim they can make the old 2200 do about the same thing as the 5000

What I don't understand is why can someone in the USA not come up with a model

as good or is it like Microsoft a one sided patented monoply..

It would be nice to see most of our money stay here in North America..

Best to all to those who beep..


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Minelab has already done it with the F3.

True its a mine detector but it shares the same tech as their consumer PI's. I would suspect it's the same or very close to a GPX. (just a guess, but it makes sense that it would be the best available)

That would be the more logical choice for a "new housing" then the CTX.

Another factor is the shear ruggedness of the current design. I like the metal housing.

I've customized my GPX with a 12volt LiPoly battery/amp/speaker system 20+ hours of run time and full dynamic range audio. Totally cordless.

As for the weight thats what a HipStick is for :) If your not using one your missing gold!

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I keep my eye out for new patents from Minelab every now and then. Their last patent was for the ctx 3030. I bet once the patent is shown, a new type of detector will follow shortly. Now if they made a ctx and gpx crossbreed, like some have said, that would be an ultimate machine. Also to be able to switch between a vlf type of detector and PI, and having the 100kHz freq capability like the ctx has would be awesome.


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I have a hipstick and I havn't used very mutch because the holder that hooks

to your belt is way too long for me and the round piece on the bottom pushes into my

groin when I do a serious bend over,,so I thought about cutting it off so it wouldn't poke

me so bad that I can't wear it....Do U have any suggestions...?

Some of the problem is my short waist to groin length and my droopy drawers that make

my belt lower than it should be.


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Rod, I had a similar problem. With the holder in front it cut into me...with the holder set to the right it tended to lose its support utility. So I sold my first hipstick to a buddy and ordered a shorter version. I mounted that on my harness belt which I wear higher than my waist...now the harness and the hipstick are a unit which goes on and off all together...try that with the hipstick you have and see if it works...

I love my hipstick!!!!!

good luck


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