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  1. Her (I hope) are pix: Ain't happening...This forum is very restrictive on loading pix...Bill has lots of pix of all the equipment in the classified forum...Cheers, Unc
  2. $250 + freight unless you pick it up in Wickenburg... Cheers, Unc
  3. Yo All...I'm offering for sale a few items... Keene 151 Dry washer with blower and accessories... Gold King 2-1/2 " Dredge inc. sluice box, hoses, etc. ... Circulating wheel ... Will post pix Monday, but let me know of interest you may have ... Here's the info on this older 151....It works great... The original Keene 151 Dry Washer is one of the big boy's of drywashers. 2-3 adult men can pretty much shovel non stop into this beast and not clog it up. You can recover gold in the desert, dry river beds or any gold bearing area. This amazing drywasher can recover fine gold even in ground too damp for other drywashers to handle. Another amazing thing about this big unit is the fact that it will recover micro fine gold in addition to nuggets. The Keene 151 drywasher uses three processes at the same time to recover gold. Electrostatic concentration occurs because the high-velocity air flowing through the unit creates an electrical charge which attracts and holds gold to the riffle tray cloth like a magnet. The same airflow then holds the material in suspension allowing the heavier materials to sink into the riffles where it is caught. The adjustable oscillating vibrator shakes the material at the same time further helping the gold to sink. The Keene hot air induction blower helps create static electricity and allows you to run material that is damp. High velocity air passes through the concentrator creating an electrostatic charge to attract gold and other metalliferous values. The hot air from the engine is ducted into the radial blower, preheating the air and concentrator to 50 degrees above ambient making it possible to process a higher capacity of material and increases the electrostatic charge. An adjustable oscillation system creates increased vibration and air flow at lower engine speeds which increases fine gold production, especially in damp ground conditions. Equipped with an extra large hopper for greater capacity while steeper sides prevent material build up. The folding frame makes this model a dream for quick and easy set up. Included is an extra blower fan... Price for Drywasher: $500 Cheers, Unc
  4. Rob, it's good you didn't run up the tailing pile...I have seen black bears in N. CA that could run straight up cliffs faster than a human can run on open flat ground...When I lived on my ranch there in the Klamath Mtns. I had a running battle with a 400+ lb. black bear who came around the house almost daily for about 3 years... I shot him with bird shot in the butt several times and it kept him away for a couple days then he would be back again ... On our last morning there as we were getting ready to move to AZ he came on our deck ... Dodie got up at first light to turn on the coffee and there he was about 4 feet from her looking through the floor length window into the kitchen at her...She froze and he stood there for about 30 seconds sniffing then smacked the deck with each paw, gave out a big whoof then ambled off the deck ... When we went out to check on things there were claw marks on the deck and on the wood railing right next to the kitchen back door ... I learned that a hunter finally got him and he weighed in at 450 lbs. ... I gave him lots of respect but almost felt he was like a big pet you didn't dare pet! ... I saw them around the ranch and in the mtns above all the time but only had one situation where I felt a bit of fear from one that acted like it was sick ... Very skinny but aggressive ... He was on the dirt road and charged my truck ... I gunned it and got the hell out of Dodge! Cheers, Unc
  5. One thing I've found very productive after I've pounded an area really hard is to leave it alone for a while then go back into it from and entirely different direction ... One time I did that on a very hard worked and productive patch and within a couple minutes popped out a nice half grammer and then just above that a 1/2 ozt beauty was hiding among some spanish devil thorns and a clump of bush hog cacti... tried it on a lot patches and 90% of the time I get a new poke out of them...Cheers, Unc
  6. Yes, 2007-2008 were very good prospecting years!
  7. Looks like Chris's old claim behind... Lots of nice gold has come from that hillside...WTG ...Cheers, Unc
  8. Nice!!! Sasq...California? Klamath Mtns? You've got a valuable speci there, dude! WTG! ... Cheers, Unc!
  9. That is a beauty for sure! Are you going to do an SG test on it. Would love to see the results...maybe you could sponsor a contest guessing the gold content and if I win I get to have it for my very own paperweight! Cheers, Unc
  10. Rob, these are awesome, but nothing new for a year or so....I am sure you've got some new ones... Can't wait to see them! Cheers, Unc
  11. Yep...The indians could profit, but Bush jr. sold us down the river, literally ...That asshole!
  12. Yo All...I need to bring in some quick bucks for a medical situation so for 24 hours starting now, you can pick up any $99.00 map package for $66.00 through PayPal ... Just go to PayPal and send $66 to my PP account ron@az-gold.com between now and 4PM saturday, 5/27... You can create your own 10 map package or go with those on my website...In the message part of "send money" on PayPal just indicate what regular or custom package you need...Thanks much...Cheers, Unc
  13. Heck, Mike, I can barely walk from the house to my truck...for anyone considering it, Laser Spine Institute sucks big green dog bananas!!!! $100K for nothing! ...Cheers, Unc
  14. So great you're back out! Wish I could... Doing intense physical therapy, but have not been out for over 2 years...It's like I've lost my life! ...Happy for you, though! Good job. Cheers, Unc
  15. Thanks, Doc...Alaska was quite an adventure...When that pic was taken we were waiting for our Native Alaskan pilot to pre-flight the plane...We flew the length of Preacher Creek ... Everyone but me and our guide/driver (and the pilot) passed out as soon as we took off...We'd been non-stop well financed partying while we researched the BLM and waited for the rain to stop so we could fly. One word for that trip: Great Alaskan Bush Company! Plus Summer Solstice Party outside Fairbanks! Cheers, Unc