Short Father's Day Hunt this Morning

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Hello All,

I managed to get out on a short, solo hunt within a few hours from home. I got to the hunt site around 5am and was ready to hunt. I realized then, I was still asleep as I forgot my scoop, scoop pouch, camera and water bladder for my Camelpak. I realized I wasn't going far, so I decided to re-visit a spot where I found 10 small nuggets about a month or so ago and haven't returned since.

I wanted to get up towards the headwaters of this gulch where there was a rotten quartz vein running across a small flat where this gulch was heading. I focused most of my detecting time below the vein and in the upper portion of the small gulch. No question this quartz vein was probably the source of this smaller gold, as I found two more nuggets a bit bigger in size. Both are pretty rough as you can see in the picture below.

No too bad for a short Father's Day hunt. Just enough to get my gold fix out until the following weekend hits.

Nuggets taken from my cell phone -

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there!!

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice gold there Rob :)
Im glad im not the only one to forget stuff...and when I dont forget it...I usually

drop it out in the hills somewhere :(

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments. When I start prospecting from the quad, I normally leave a bunch of items in my quad storage compartments. This is what happened, I was too tired this morning to pay attention that some of my prospecting gear was left in the quad box. I've done it before, or went out with the quad and didn't get all my gear from my truck.

Dave - I haven't sampled below or along the vein. The vein is not exposed, or from what I seen, but rather heavy eroded down the gradual slope into the small gulches. I spent most of my time detecting the small gulches and gradual sloping hillside between them. Most of the rotten quartz was scattered along the slope. I focused this morning’s trip on reworked the two small gulches and then crisscrossing the slope between them looking for a potential hillside patch.

I know there are more there, just a matter of hitting it when it's not so damn hot. I also traced the eroded vein over the hill and seen plenty of rotten quartz on that side. Shown below are the first ten gold nuggets I found lower in the gulch. All were pretty rough in character.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Man I want go detecting. Great gold

Yaaahh.....ummm, your probably going to be picking up a lot of roofing nails where your at! :)

Tom H.

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