Detecting for gold nuggets around Lynx Lake

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Hello All,

   Spent some time with my Daughter fishing Lynx Creek.  We didn't have any luck catching fish, but we wondered all around Lynx hiking and on a Boat.  Some decent looking ground around there and it was about 15 degrees cooler than the Phoenix area.  Curious if anyone has poked around the Lynx Creek area with a metal detector?  I know they have the gold panning area down around that Gulch, so you would think maybe the headwaters of at least that Gulch might contain some nuggets.  


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Yup..been there done that :)

 Got a 1 grammer from  a trib running into Lynx creek. 

It was right under a piece of lead bullet. 

There is a lot of trash in that area but there is gold also.

Tom H.


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