Equinox Coming In January 2018

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From Minelab.     


Minelab is pleased to announce that the new EQUINOX Series of detectors is expected to be available for purchase worldwide from late January, 2018 onwards*.


Customers who have pre-ordered detectors should thus expect to start receiving them from late January.

The key word here is expected..........


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I just received my Equinox 800 from Rob on Monday 3-12. I charged it and read the quickstart guide, in fact i had the guide provided in my pocket the next day when i took it for a test.  The only place i could use it was on a hill behind my house where i figured people may have sat to look over town. The rest of the area is under a foot and a half of snow.

First I dug a few bullets , which was all i really expected to get from this hillside. Kind of got the feel of  pinpointing and switching between modes and where a few target ids were. Pretty cold and some ground was frozen and some real muddy. Half hour into it and i got a strong hi tone 33 and out pops a 1979 Kennedy , rechecked the hole and one more 1983 half dollar.  These don't really come around that often but i guess that was a good test for the excitement of this new detector. 

Thanks Rob for handling another detector transaction. Waiting list wasn't a problem.  Put me on the list for a small coil you get in for the 800. i hear they are pretty good on small gold nuggets.


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