Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

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Well tonight was the first time to turn Gold Rush off and watch something else. When Todd made that bet with Parker on something he didn’t have showed he didn’t have too much going for him.

That show that will start up with Parker that’s another I won’t be watching.

Maybe the people who makes theses shows think it’s great to make them more on the line of a soap. We could come up with a new name but I’m at a loss to come up with one .

I like to see Bering Sea Gold come back if they could drop the soap. I don’t care if this old man married a girl that could be his daughter. Then they show him stealing gold from his sons. They show him doing that on TV like his sons won’t find out.

I had a guy that went with me on some trips I made dredging but he wanted to play cards. I wasn’t on a pleasure trip. I came to find gold and if you didn’t come to do that then it’s best you stay home, That was the last Of him.

This is my opinion and only mine alone.



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Hey Chuck,  

   These shows are all about the drama, that is what attracts viewers unfortunately.  There is a bit of money to be made if you're the main character of the show and the show runs long enough.  For example, Todd probably made a fat check the last couple of shows during the first season.  Then he probably re-negotiated for a much bigger payday the second season when the Gold Rush was running strong!  

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