I'm back Home, Jamaica was really nice!

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Hello All,

     Well the family finally got to break loose and enjoy a week in Jamaica.   This was our first trip there, but have traveled to many spots within the Caribbean.  If you have not visited Jamaica, it's worth it.  The people are awesome and there are a lot of places to see.   We visited some of the main attractions like Dunn's River Falls & Mystic Mountain.  The Falls were awesome, they are around 900+ foot high and the water is nice and cool and many waterfalls to climb through and under.  The Falls were running very strong, as there has been a lot of rain in Jamaica a week or so prior to our arrival.  

We spent a lot of time Snorkeling and exploring the beaches, but didn't do any detecting.  I really enjoy the underwater life, as I could spend all day just floating around the coral reefs observing.  

I learned a bunch about  the culture and what is going on in Jamaica.  What was surprising is they just got their independence in 1962 from the British.  Many locals stated that about 75% of the businesses are now owned by the Chinese.  The locals expressed some frustration, but they again they said it's bringing in jobs.  

I wanted to visit the Coffee Factory, where the famous Blue Mountain coffee is grown.  The Mountain is around 7000 foot above see level and this is where the coffee is grown.  

 Jamaica has natural resources, primarily bauxite, and an ideal climate conducive to agriculture and also tourism. The discovery of bauxite in the 1940s and the subsequent establishment of the bauxite-alumina industry shifted Jamaica's economy from sugar and bananas.  They also product a lot of Limestone.  There are two huge ports where ships come in and have both of these products loaded up.  

No Gold found in Jamaica, but their Rum sure is good! 

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Hey Guys,

   Grubstake - It was interesting to see this country.   Really makes you appreciate what you have.  The majority of Jamaicans are just getting by.  Many try to get into the tourist industry due to tips, American money.  

GPX Power - Plenty of that stuff all over.  You can buy it pretty much on any street corner.  At the major family resorts I never seen or smelled it.  

Bob Marley is an Icon over there.  I bought a few hand paintings of him from the locals.  

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