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Hey GS,

   That searchcoil you purchased is a sleeper for DD's.  The problem anymore is many electronic prospectors experience areas where the mineralization is still severe (bedrock, soils, hotrocks).  I know for example, some bedrock areas here in Arizona is almost unhuntable unless you either lower your settings so low that you loose more of your sensitivity or raise the coil several inches at a minimum above the bedrock.  Some of the Graphite and Serpentine bedrock areas in Alaska and California are also just as bad.  

The Detech coil we sell, along with many others really opens up some areas that are very mineralized.  I have even found areas that my GPZ 7000 don't like even in "Difficult" ground type.  

Congrats on your recent finds, some real beauties.  

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so much of ground i hunt is very hot. also the high voltage lines run through much of the gold fields here. the emi can be unbearable. this coil performed very well, even with the charcoal everywhere from the fire. i havnt found a place i can run the 14" mono elite  in anything other than enhance. took the stock mono out today and it performed great also. it found a small one the detech missed. i was able to run in normal but it was more sensitive to the charcoal

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Looks like you are in the burned areas that mess with your detector falsing on every piece of charcoal even when you tune them out. The bad thing is as fast as that fire cleared that ground the plant growth will retake it in a matter of a few months. Enjoy hunting ground that a detector has never touched for the next few months. 

Thanks for sharing can't wait to see what's next!

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before the first rains the falsing wasnt that bad. it still isnt enough to drive me crazy. you can clearly see the outline the machine will hit on. i detected a burn thats about 3-5 years old around weaverville and the charcoal was much more of a problem.  i still inspect the really loud ones, and got a 1.5 gram out of a charcoal manzanita outline.  youre right, a lot of the roots are still alive, so those will grow back fast. 

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