New Spot...Gold!

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Went out last weekend to a new spot in the Nevada Desert where the old timers dug out a drainage.  Well, over the years, the banks have eroded and I must have been the first lucky fellow to swing the 7000 over it and wham!  First nugget was down about 8 inches and weighed in at 1 dwt.  Second nugget was down 11" and weighed in at 5.9 dwt and the third was 1/4 dwt and was down about 4".  I was using very conservative settings,  probably to conservative.  My next visit I will increase the sensitivity while keeping a steady threshold.  These are the settings i was using; HY/Normal, Sensitivity 11, Volume 8, Threshold 29, Volume Limit 12, Semi Auto, and Locate Patch.  Most of the gold in this area has been really small, and I found that using Locate Patch made the small shallow gold really sound off.



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