Working the Old-Placers Continued ......

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Hello All,

   I returned to the old placers again today to dig a ton of rubbish.  I started out this morning around 4am and arrived around 6:15am at the detecting site.  I continued to dig and push myself a bit longer until around 2pm.  I ended up with 3 nuggets, biggest was 3.6 Dwt's, and a total of 5.4 Dwt's, or a bit over 1/4 ounce for the day.  I dug probably 60 iron rubbish targets today.  There is no question the old-timers were a bit sloppy in this spot, but since they camp right on site, there is no shortage or targets.  

Hope all your guys/gals kept the skunk off your back this weekend.  

P.S.  The dark looking nugget, right below the square nail piece is the 3.6 Dwter.  



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Hey Guys,

  Adam - Ya, it's for sure a whisk broom handle.  They were breaking up the breaking up the bedrock and sweeping it up.  I think the old-timers "Broke for Bedrock" also! :D 

Fishing8046 - I never seen any prior signs of metal detecting or prospecting, at least in this spot.  However, I'm sure someone at some point has poked around here with a VLF or some form of metal detector. 

Thanks for all the comments guys.  Hope to see you both contributing more. 

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Dang! Thats some nice gold. WTG.
Tom H.


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