Lead Monster 1000 and the Mystery Metal

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I've taken my new GM1000 out a few times now, but there are no nugget fields around that I can really go hunting close by.  There is gold in the areas, but everything I've found in the past is very small so I don't think there is much detectable gold.  Any SoCal hunter's out there, I'd still like a push in the right direction.

At any rate, so far I've found so much lead of all sizes, that I'm certain this machine will find gold if its there.  There were a couple times I've found flakes of copper bullet jacket that got my heart racing when I first caught the metallic glint, and then I recognized what they were.

The detector also found this quartz pebble, which is distinctly covered in a metallic substance.  The area I found it has no recorded lead or silver deposits, and I have no idea what it is.  Its too well integrated into the quartz to be lead bullet splash, and in the sunlight it has a bit of iridescent shimmer (but not much).  Any idea what it might be?


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Is it in the rock or just on the surface? It might be lead spatter from bullets.

Tom H.


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Chris - I will try a couple tests on it and see if I can determine if thats it, thanks for the suggestion.  I didn't think pyrites and sulfides were able to set the detector off, but again I am new to this.

adam - last time I was in Arizona i found a map of placer deposits in a little shop in Oatman, and I did get it.  Unfortunately the long drive precludes too many trips out that way, I have to convince the wife that it will be "fun" to come along lol.

oldies1955 - That was my first thought as well, but it is in the rock and on all sides of it, so i think I've ruled that out.

thanks everyone!

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