Upcoming Price Increase by Minelab - 8-15-2019

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Hello All,

    Just a FYI, Minelab will be raising the price on both the Minelab SDC 2300 and the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 effective 08-15-2019.  If anyone is on the fence, this might be the time to jump in and get a unit before the price increase.  

Minelab Gold Monster 1000 - $799.00 increased to $849.00

Minelab SDC 23000 - $3750.00 increased to $3799.00

We have free items included with both items if purchased from us, along with free shipping and unlimited support.  

We would love to earn your business and promise we will treat you right!


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Also why does minelab sell the control box as a replacement part never saw that before to gold monster 

Do they not last as long

Are they that fragile and break easier made with thinner or cheaper plastic

Just wondering



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Hey Guys,

  Way2cool - They never gave an explanation on why there is a price increase just on these two units.  If I hear something I will post about it.  

Roger - The Gold Monster 1000 metal detector is actually one of the best VLF gold detectors on the market today.  It's priced right at $799.00 (currently) and comes with two searchcoils, the 5" round and the 8x5" Elliptical.  The Gold Monster is very simple to use, no question the easiest turn on and go gold detectors on the market today. 

Minelab started to sell some items like control boxes to the public, but that kind of stopped.  It does show the Gold Monster control box as an accessory, saying you can buy this only if something would happen to the one you have.  The are not fragile, I have had one since they came out and it's bounced around on my quad, even off it one time, so I know they are durable like all other Minelab detectors.  

Hope this helps a bit,

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