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I had a mining friend pass away very recently and felt I needed to head to the area I ended up meeting him out in the desert all those years ago. Arrived a bit after dark and started night detecting an area the mining friend had turned me onto. I managed 6 small pieces by 11pm. First thing in the morning I headed over to where the big gold had been found... not much luck with all the hot volcanics driving me crazy looking for a source... Someone had drywashed a part of the area and didn't vaccum very well as I scored 7 small bits off bedrock they missed. Around 2pm I headed back to another wash I had found many hundreds of small nuggets in. Boy howdy was I happy I moved as I was picking up piece after piece for about 2 1/2 hours till I had to drive home. Ended up with 34 small pieces with no shortage of targets. So 47 small fun to recover pieces ...total 2.5 grams


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Great story! Glad you made it out. What a haul!

My best friend passed away at 48 years old last week. It's been a tough time lately. You have reminded me to get out and find some gold! Detecting sure can take your mind to a better place. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

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Hey Boulder Dash,

  Great story and sorry to hear about the loss of a good prospecting friend.  Over the years, I lost several myself and find myself prospecting those areas from time to time and thinking about them and what they taught me.  I always tell people to cherish the times they get to spend together prospecting, as you never know if there will be another day or even a chance to say something good to them.  

Congrats on the nice haul of nuggets. 

Thanks for sharing.

Rob Allison

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