Minelab Holiday Promo's - FREE ITEMS - 10/15 - 1/31/2020

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Hello All,

   Minelab is bundling FREE items with the following metal detectors below.  These items are now available for purchase (10-15-2019 thru 01-31-2020)

  • Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector - get a FREE Minelab 6" DD Searchcoil included
  • Minelab Go Find 66 Metal Detector - get a FREE Carry Bag and Digging Gloves
  • Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector - get a FREE 19" Searchcoil included
  • Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector - get a FREE rechargeable battery included
  • Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector - get a FREE pair of Waterproof Headphones included

View the Minelab PDF file here - file:///C:/Users/Rob/Downloads/Minelab 2019 Promo.pdf

Keep in mind, we have "2019-2020 Prospector Bundle" packages included with many of these detectors above, so the Minelab FREE items will be an additional free item beyond the FREE bundle we include.  Contact us for more questions or if you would like to order. 


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  If you compare the price between the 5000 and the 7000 what one do you think is selling the most? The 5000 is already at a killer deal and 7000 needs some help to move it . So to make the 7000 more attractive and to get people to dig deeper into their pockets they add a very expensive coil..


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Hey Way2Cool,

   Good question for sure.  I think the special on the Equinox 600 is it's not moving as well as the 800's.  This is just my opinion, but I sell probably 20-30 800's to 1 600.  I think by tossing in the 6" coil, which is a great small coil on the 600, they can move more of the 600's out.  It always seems when a manufacture released two or three models of the same type, one will always out sell the others.  I  believe the Vanquish will be the same, three models, one will probably take off like hotcakes.  

I have the same inquiries on the new Simplex + metal detector.  I have a ton of pre-orders on one model vs. the others.  

Keep in mind, for anyone looking for Minelab metal detectors, we have our 2019-2020 Bundles includes with 6 models, the Equinox 800, Gold Monster 1000, GPX 4500 & 5000, SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000.  

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