got to run the gpx 6000 today

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 This morning went up to quartzsite with Condor to check out the new 6000 and we got to give it a test run albeit it was in the parking lot of the rv show , we could only use the 14 inch double d coil because of all the emi at the show just a couple small test nuggets the rep had , will say the new speakers audio was very good  and the ergonomics and over balance were outstanding.                                                                                                                                                              The machine will only come with the 11 inch mono and the 14 inch double d in north america the 17 inch mono will only be for the african and asian markets for now , the rep said the 17 inch mono will come to the us market sometime after the release of the detector but she did not give a firm timeline on that but release of the 6000 would likely be late spring or early summer.                                                                 

   The coils all use a 12 pin connector with both large and small pins within they are very lightweight as the undersides are hollowed out except where the windings are and the leads to the cable.

   It sounds like there will be more opportunity to see the machine around the desert southwest this next week and into february although none of these are firm dates she said she would be going to Phoenix next week then up to utah and then to las vegas and then back to the gold show in Quartzsite in mid February. 

   Sorry but they would not let us take any photos.                                   

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Everybody knows that Minelab had the new 6000 at Quartzsite just lately.

Some of you may not know but come February 12-14 Quartzsite will have a big Gold and Treasure show on those dates. Debbie the rep. For Minelab who had the 6000 there before said something about coming back again.

Rob do you possibly know if she will be back with the 6000 on the above dates ?

At this time it’s a fire storm of interest to maybe see this new detector from Minelab..Like anything we are looking at the price factor but not knowing people still say I got to have it.


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