Monster Finds...Just Slow Down and Cover More Ground

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I wanted to share my latest finds working with the Minelab Gold Monster Using the 10 inch Coil. I have been working this area for a time and here are my latest finds. I have figured something out with the Gold Monster. I'm using the larger coil just slowing down and covering more ground. I see these videos and the guy are moving the 5" coil at mock 6 but only covering small areas. They are Zigging when the should have Zagged. Granted the small Coil is extremely sensitive in the center but getting the dime size zone on a small target takes back and forth back and forth. 

I suggest that the machine is smart...we should just slow down and cover more ground... 



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A newer machine and a larger coil helps especially if your going after them big deep suckers. and again, low and slow and with a big coil swing wide. If the target is not being completely passed over, doesn't work as well in auto tune, only fixed mode.


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