Magnet fishing

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The rivers and creeks hold a lot of riches I have three techneakes I use magnet fishing creavesing and hand suction dreging all are fun with good results 

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A friend and I were out hunting Vulture mine and ran into a patch that many of the nuggets stuck to our pick magnets. as a matter of fact we were at a local watering hole later that day demonstrating it on the bar. not kidding. apparently they had enough iron chunks in them to be attracted to a magnet. I'm talking up to 1/2 ounce nuggets. we joked about raking out and dragging the drywash piles with magnets. a lot of hot rocks at that spot. we were hunting with VLF's

Wish I still had some of them but like many of my nugget finds, they belong to a new owners now.

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Now I know it was probably Magnetite crystals joined with the nuggets

back then it was just a pain in the butt to swing over with VLF detector's.

Need to get back there some day with the new Minelabs.


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