Last Whites Gold Master 24k

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Out of all the dealers I worked with in the past, Robs detectors selflessness and customer service is by far unmatchable.

Just recently I've gotten to the point in life to get back in the game. Last week I was wondering about a whites GM24k as I wanted one a few years ago but could not afford it, and I found out they were out of business. I decided to reach out to Rob and I sent Him a text and asked if he had one available. Rob replied that he had only one left and that it was his personal one. Rob asked me how much id give him for it and I knowing that they were not available anymore replied, Rob ill give you $700 how's that sound and I didn't get a response. The next day I sent another text "so would you take 700$" later that day I got a response, Rob said that they are not made any more and it was a little hard to get rid of, and at this point I knew I was going to get Price gouged or so I thought. Rob Replied Give Me $500 and $50 for shipping I replied you got it. In small acts like this I feel blessed in a way as I offered Rob 700$ he could of took and he could of said $1000 than for him to say 500$ with Fifty for shipping was an experience ill never forget. oh and it came with 2 coils and it was blessed in the gold fields of Arizona and has found Gold also!


Thanks Rob for the Best Machine ever made by Whites!

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Hey Bud,

   Can you send me that $150 .... LOL  

Here is the way I looked at it, I have so many detectors sitting here, can only use a few of them.  I figured they are out of business, I probably won't use it much, so figured it's worth more in your hands than mine.  I figured you could get good use out of it and already heard you scored gold with it!  

The forums here have been super slow, we need to get more great information posted so we can jump start them again.  Thanks for your longtime friendship and business.  

Wishing you a bunch of success with the White's 24K and the GPZ 7000 you will be getting soon.  


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