Good start to the season!

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Hey all: 
  Was able to get out over the last few weeks to start off the AZ gold season. Did pretty good!
First place that I got 2.6 grams out of was a wash that I have beat to death over the last 6 yrs. 

Have had many friends in there and they beat it too.  I purchased a 6000 from Rob last summer and I think that is what really made the difference. I was using the 5000 before and the monster.  The two big ones were about 2 feet up the bank but the little ones were right in the gut of the wash that was even placered out and turned over many times. We have not had any significant rain to change things this year so, these were simply missed. But it seems like the 6000 sniffed them out.

The .2 grammer was found on Wed. I went into a new area that looked good from GE but once I got in there it was all volcanics. HOT volcanics!  The 6000 was squawking like a banshee.  After two old bullets I found the nug. Even though there was a lot of ground noise once the 6000 gets over a target it will let you know. Just have to wrap your head around the background noise and concentrate. Found about 6 more old bullets and a cool horse shoe. This has opened up a LOT of new territory for me to work now :)  Great day out with friends and the good Lord blessed me with some gold. 

Tom H. 



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Hi Tom,

   Awesome finds and Thanks for the continued business with us.  I'm glad the GPX 6000 is working out.  I have found a small handful of nuggets with mine, really love it for prospecting and working those bedrock type washes.  I agree, it can be noisy at times due to the hyper-sensitivity of it, but something you have to deal with that can find those tiny nuggets and specimens well.  

I hoping to be able to contribute more in the 2024 season.  Most of the forums have really died down, hopefully we can keep this one alive in 2024.


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