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Aw, c'mon, Steve! Where you gettin' your recipes from, boy???

Ya NEVER put shrimp into a chicken and sausage gumbo! (See Cajun Night menu!) You can have a great chicken and sausage gumbo or a wonderful shrimp gumbo, but NEVER a combo of the 3! And I bet you don't even have any okra to put in dat gumbo! And where's da potato salad??? And just "dessert"?? Not Bread Puddin' with bourbon sauce??? Maybe you outta have me come up for a few nights and set ya'll straight on how to make dat Cajun cuisine! :rolleyes: LOL

Seriously, sounds like ya'll are gonna feast up there! It sure give me and da family something to work towards in the next couple of years.

HH, ya'll!



Will trade cookin' for gold! :D

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Ho, ho, ho Kajun!

You'll have to ask the cook about the recipes. All Rob and the boys will be able to tell you for sure is that it is a big step up from what you get when I cook. Last year it was lots of pancakes and spam for breakfast, and anything out of a can or instant for dinner. And all the leftovers into one pot... you want to talk about combos!!!

I also know I'll be happy to be doing the eating instead of the cooking! That will free up a couple hours each day for me.

Steve Herschbach

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Dang Steve;

How they gonna get by without a big pot of rice and corn...Breakfast was your very best efforts at cooking...pancakes properly browned and spam or bacon nice and crisp...and plenty of coffee...

Hope everyone finds a trophy this year....


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  • Admin

Hello Steve,

Looks like the food has improved from last year. However, last year was fine with me. I think between both of you (John and You), you guys did a great job at cooking and running the camp. Be great to meet your Brother (correct) Bob this year at Moore Creek.

A few guys have been ordering more batteries, searchcoils and accessories for Moore Creek. It's just around the corner .... :D

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob,

Thanks. I thought last year was fine. better than I eat on my own, anyway! But we did want to bring it up a notch this year. The fact is that the bugs can get thick and the weather can get bad and some people won't find much gold. So we at least want to make sure they get fed and housed as best we can provide.

Oh yeah, Bob is my cousin Bob from Missouri. SUPER nice guy! My Dad is down in Missouri hunting turkey with him right now. Word yesterday was they had got a couple. Bob really loves to cook and cater to people. I hooked him up with my GP 3000 in 2004. I tuned it up, told him to keep the coil close to the ground, and dig anything that went beep. he found the 5.13 ounce chunk that caused us to name the area he found it the "5 ounce Flats"! It was the biggest piece until last summer when we all get left in the dust by Jesse.

Here is Bob on the mountain above Moore Creek. The camp is in the valley behind him.


Just think Rob... all those high areas could have gold eroding out just below the surface almost anywhere. Badrock is just below the surface, but disguised by lichen and moss. Bob could be parked on a big pile of eluvial gold. Alaska is untouched in this regard. You get up above treeline and it would be easier detecting than even in desert country... and hardly any bugs!!

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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