Calling out the Environmentalists

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Hello Environmentalists,

I think it's time to stop worrying about someone digging small detector holes or someone driving their Quad on the Forest and start focusing on more important Environmental issues such as the video below. What does it take to open your eyes? :( Damn this is getting ridiculous if you ask me! :angry: People are getting rapped and killed at the sites in the video also.

Illegals Trashing the Arizona Deserts

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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Yea the inviro. freaks come out of the wood work on just about every little thing, until something like this comes up, then you won't hear a peep out of them.

Sure says a lot about there backbone, or lack thereof.

Saw one the other day with a yellow T-shirt on, it fit him real well.

Bob T.

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Kinda like the gun control freaks . They want to shut down law abiding gun stores by trying to trick the owner into an illegal action by pretending to make a "straw purchase". Now how about them coming with me to find a "big brotha" selling guns out of the trunk of his car in South Central L.A. ??? Didn't think so .

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Hi all, new to this forum. Don't they have rattle snake round-ups in Texas? If they do all the snakes should be brought to all these locations and dropped off. Maybe the snakes would be a deterant. After all it seems cheap labor is in. I don't think the snakes would charge much.

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totally disguisting! i see this in southern az. alot, but not quite that bad. this is out of hand! where we prospect we frequently see huge conga lines of illegals crossing. ive reported it several times, even giving locations and times, cause they are always in the same areas at the same time, and they do nothing. at the rate they are coming our once beautiful desert is going to be one huge landfill. my girlfriend and i prospect together alot and now i really need to worry abut her safety out there. i used to go alone all the time, now if i do, i spend more time looking over my shoulder than prospecting, its a real shame. there are a couple areas we wont even go anymore it's gotten so bad. i cant even go out and enjoy peace and solitude anymore because of this.

our government has really let us down here! it is time for a change!!

is everyone who is complaining writing your state reps? we need to! i am not working today and i plan to write an email and send it to all 50 senators and reps! we need to send them this video. how about sending it to all the tree huggers, maybe they will hug our cacti.

my grandfather came to this country when he was 13 and did it the right way, and he did not try to bring hungary with him, or try to force his language on us, or try to change our national anthem. he worked hard, paid his taxes, and did not bleed the system! he did not demand rights he did not even have! these damn illegals have no rights here!!! why are we acting like they do?? this is our country dammit and i think its time we take it back.

can we start a petition here for everyone to sign and send it to our reps with the video footage? we need to start somewhere!

i live in ohio, and spend 4 months in az during the winter. i own a business here, and eventually plan to semi-retire to arizona. i would love to move there now but cant because of the illegals out there it would be hard to make a profit. the a__holes that hire the illegals bid jobs so low you cant beat them, and i refuse to hire illegal workers no matter how much money i make. a friend of mine in the same business tried it and had to give it up and return here to ohio. sad!



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Hello Guys,

Yes, the video is Minuteman footage. This organization is at least trying to do something rather than sit and let the problem progress. You can see more footage and more information about securing the US/Mexico Border at this site -

The MinuteMan

Could you imagine if the President has to walk out his front door to this bullshit? Not knocking the President or other Eviromentalists, but just imagine if they lived down south near some of these trashed sites. It's kind of like NIMBY (Not in my back yard). As long as they don't have to deal with it, who the hell cares ....

The problem is only going to get worse America has to do something about it. Why worry about other countries, lets try to secure and help our own for a bit. Oh I forgot, there is no money in it for the normal people, but war is great when you can line your and your friends pockets with black gold! :o

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Rob, that place is not near the border at all and there are 4 known clean up spots much larger and worse in the Bradshaws right now. One is 4 acres in size and 4 feet deep. You can't even see the ground. When we (MCSO) found it they had two sniper positions over looking it but knew the SO was coming and moved to another location. Not one arresst was made from it and BLM, and various hiking/jeep clubs are now working on cleaning it up. They make the messes much faster than we can clean them...

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what's happening here is that when people cross, and are then loaded into a van or whatever, the smugglers do not allow the people extra baggage like backpack or baby bottles for the kids or whatever, and they have to leave it all behind- nothing more than they can carry on their person.

You're right in saying that the girls are raped (or boys too).

As quite a few narcs and US street gangs are also involved in hijacks from a smuggler. this could be another reason of the neccesisties left behind, as no one would bring luggage all that way just to purposely dump it in the desert. The street gangs will hijack a load of migrants and take 50 or so to one safe house, scattered all across AZ (usually phoenix), or in other states and start calling the relatives for more money (as in extortion), sometime raping the body while they are on the phone so the relatives can hear the screams.

Now that the national guard is being sent in by Bush, maybe things will get better, but don't count on it as the extortion will continue from the other side. Outside of farm workers, the majority crosser is from central america rather than from mexico. The big players in the street gang factions are MaraSalvatrucha 13, and 18th street, both US-originals. The 18th St is low key in the current action, and the MS13, an 18th st off-shoot in working gang activities in all central american countries, dealing in human slavery, debt slaves, prostitution, drugs, arms.

The 18th St, formed in 1942, numbers about 60,000 active members, and nearly 900,000 past members. MS13, now wholly Salvadoreños, number about 30,000 outside of the us, and around 9,000 in the US. No one in MS13 is allowed out, and if any refuse orders, they become the focus of a hit. Though the preferred method is to pull out a machete and whack off body parts. MS13 controls other central americans crossing into mexico, via the rail lines in the state of Chiapas, and equally along border in other countries. They are a particularly ruthless faction. They started in LA too.

Many former rivals among gang factions have allied and are now forming hybrid groups across the US to control and manage criminal activity, including auto chops and steals, in addition to those named above. They prey on those least able to defend their selves, those being illegals. Most gang members in the USA, and many outside of the US, are US Citizens, so running out the illegals isn't going to cut into gang crime.

In addition to the Gangs, it would seem than most a large faction of Mexican Federal Police and some law enforcement locals all have an interest in migration. Most migrants do not make it all the way with their cash, goods, or lives, and torture seems to be common, like mineral water poured into the nostrils, making extreme sinus pain and the sensation of drowning at once. A lot of 'local' Mexican Authorities make forays into the US side just to capture crossers that are alone or undefended, or whose smugglers haven't paid somebody off, and take them back into Mexico. Many of the bandits in the fronteras, on the US side have turned out to be mexican police, as they have the equipment to come and go, courtesy of the US military funding and equipment donations.

It's a tough world, and the goal of a better life, in spite of all obstacles and worse, make the struggle worth it for many.

I would've thought that Mexico was due for training far more than Iraq. You watch, a few years down the road, some democrat will annex the whole country

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Just to comment on Lotsa Luck's post, if the feds are getting the messes cleaned up, hopefully they can use some of those "hardworking folks" that have been apprehended and while they are at it, they all can be singing "Nuestro Hymno", their version of the Star Spangled Banner. Don't get me started on that one, either.

It is extremely sad to see our land being treated this way... a thought just occured to me... they, the illegals, claim that the much of the lower U.S. states are "theirs" because it was "stolen" from them. Don't think that is the way I understand it, but if they treat something that is precious and sacred to them in the way shown in the video, how do you think they will treat someone elses property, or our own country? I know, because there are several families near me, however, they don't have to obey the city codes, or get building permits to make half-ass additions onto their houses, because they know the cities are afraid to confront them!

These particular folks are basically good people, I will say that for them, but they know they have the government snookered.

Now go back and re-read the post by rf.

It says it all!


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Hi All

There are hundreds of miles of that crap in any direction from Tucson :( !! Southern Az is becoming mexicos landfill except the bastards ain't burying it :angry: !! It would take years and thousands of volunteers for a cleanup :huh: . If buried in an american style landfill southern Az would have a new mountain range :mellow: . Those pix aren't neer as bad as I've seen and it's getting worse at a staggering rate :angry: !! I hope someone comes up with a plan FAST :unsure: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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I think we should start a patrol that will just tag along behind the Jack Ass group that drops the packs off for them. When they drop it we pick it up and bring it to a homeless shelter and donate the stuff to them.

I have seen them set the water jugs and food out in the past. When they were gone from the location , but still in hear shot of it we opened fire on the bottles and food suply. Then we ran and hid so we could watch the reaction of them. It was funny, They started yelling and saying if they caught us they would prosecute us for atemted murder or man slaughter for letting people starve and thirst to death.

That is when the hiding was over and my friend that would confront a fighting bull with no thought about personal saftey came out of the brush in there face. Yelling that those that make it should be arested for atempted suicide. They cross knowing they could die.

It could have been real ugly but we left by letting them know we would seek out and destroy the stuff left by them. :lol:

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Don,t worry to much about that garbage left in our deserts by illegals. It will be all cleaned up when one of there illegal campfires gets out of hand. When in doubt sss. [sHOOT,shovel,SHUTUP] In hot season emit step 2. Do not forget to vote Happy Huntin- gold????? d dog

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Yeah this is Bull Shit,

I don't read many of the other forums so to those of you that do: does all the other forums feel the same way or are they even talking about it? I meet so many people who feel the way we all do but nothing ever gets done. They can have a march down town and Illegal will come from all around. If we as legal citizens had a march we could clog up every major street in the valley, but you will never see that for some reason :angry:

To the snakes on the boarder great Idea but I would also like to add a personal touch to it.

How about fields of choia cactus stretched all the way across :P

Then they will just dig more tunnels :(

Happy Hunting guys


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You know- lots of action but no action

Hoopla, but can't offend anyone, least of all Fox.

You and I elect people to represent us and do they? Nope!

No more middle class because our elected reps sold us out and sent our manufacturing jobs overseas.

No future for our kids

nothing you can buy except cheep chink chit!

money isn't worth anything.

nobody is getting a raise.

walmart is the only game in town because it's all we can afford

one half of a dodge pickup is made in mexico.

whats left to pick in cars is going bellyup.

some legacy huh?

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I vote to have the National guard Mine, that is plant land mines the whole lenth of the Us/Mexican boarder, for the first threehundered yards on our side, put up signs in english and mexican, warning of the mines. let those that try to cross, beware and take there own risk. You really would not have to mine the whole thing, just a couple of spots, but put signs up saying the whole thing was mined. One or two steping on the land mines would get the word out. Grubstake

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Ya know Grubby,

I like the heck out of that idea.

Mr. Sandman,

Yes there is the same sentiment on the other forums.

There have been some spirited and informative discussions on them.

Bill Southern's forum has always been explicit in keeping the discussions about

prospecting and nuggethunting... however even he let a thread or two go

until things started to get a touch emotional, then, as he has always stated clearly

he would do,

he zapped it...and I respect his wishes.

The important part of all this is that you Arizon people know first-hand

what the real problems are

and what becomes of them when they are not delt with.

The rest of the country is waking up and it is discussions like this one

that is bring us out of our slumber.

This is our problem as well; we let it happen.

But thankfully, all these issues are beginning to come to light.

I am enjoying my education and I intend to utilize it.

Enough is enough.


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