Some tips on nugget hunting?

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Hi Nicksan,

First of all...Welcome.

There are lots of experienced and open-minded people

here, and your questions are welcome.

It might be useful for you to go through as many of the back posts

as you can stand to get an idea of some of the things you'll be

dealing with.

I found it immensely helpful when I first jumped on here

to go through the back-posts,

they will help you frame your questions...

All the best,


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:D Welcome Nicksan.

I just started a few months ago here in Arizona. I have learned a lot by asking many questions as you may see in the forum. One question I have to ask is where are you located? That way someone in your local area may have all the answers about locations and clubs.

Keep this going.


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Ive been into detecting for a while, have always wanted to try nugget hunting.

Is it just a matter of heading out to a known gold bearing area and start detecting?

Any advice would be great, thanks.

Ive got a Whites MXT.

G'day from Australia Nicksan, early last year I had the pleasure of spending 3 weeks with Chris Gholson from Arizona Outback filming 2 videos called "Nugget Hunting Essentials" (over three hours viewing time) in the wilds of Arizona which would be right up your ally for learning a thing or two about Nugget Hunting. Rob Allison the owner of this web site stocks these videos along with the two instructional DVD's I have done on the Minelab GP series detectors.

Jonathan Porter


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  • Admin

Hello Nicksan,

Welcome to the Gold Forums. :D I'm sure if you go back into the older posts you will finds tons of good information on nugget hunting.

Depending on where you live, there are a handful of books that are very helpful. Some of the books I highly recommend are Jim Straight's "Follow the Drywasher, 7th Edition" & "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold." Jim Straight is a world reknown geologist, prospector, author and much more. The 7th edition has at least 20 years of nugget hunting information packed into one book.

The new "Nugget Hunting Essentials" DVD set is also a must.

I carry all the products I mentioned above. You can also find Placer Gold Booklets on most of the Southwestern States.

P.S. Let us know where you're from and maybe we can give you some tips. :lol:

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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