Has the forum slowed down for anyone else?

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It's probably just me but,

since late yesterdy, getting onto this forum

has slowed wwaaayyyy down. It takes over a minute

to get the page to load, and for every other action one

takes on here too.

I'm wondering if whatever you did Rob

to rid us of the hacks/spam/porn (thank you),

might have had some unexpected side-effects.

Not making a big deal out of it, but I thought I'd bring it up

in case there's a problem.

All the best,


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Me too!

I first thought it was my new high powered computer going south,

and was about to have some serious conversations about it,

when I realized the other places I haunt weren't having the same


Probably all the pornsters have made the site goofy.

Hope not.


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  • Admin

Hello All,

Hopefully the forum is loading back to normal speed for all you. For a couple of nights they were doing upgrades to the server, so it took forever to load. I couldn't even get on with high speed internet. :(

If you still have trouble loading the forum, please send me an email at - [email protected]

I need to go through and "Prune" (delete) the forum. There is like 3 years worth of posts still on the forum. I'm sure if I elliminate some of the older posts the forum will load quicker for slower internet connections.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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It ran real smooooth.... this evening till around 6 PST, :(

and now it's back in the "Dog House".... :blink::unsure:

2:15 PST



Just a thought here Rob. The 'cyber-bots' that attack forums etc. with garbage/spam have been 'retrained' so to speak, to imprint code that may not be recognized at first/second glance by anti-virus software programs because some issues are not reported by the end user that hold subscriptions to their products.

If a server gets 'hit' that should say something all by itself!

Also, consider the time of day here in the USA when things start slowing down for your members computers and, in what 'time zone' world wide is someone having their 'second cup of coffee'!!! Without doing a full system check it's difficult to tell. There is a lot of hacker interest in "malicious" code imbedment directed to any computer being used on the internet.

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  • Admin

Hello All,

This morning I couldn't get on again! :angry: Ipower, the hosting service keeps telling me it's on our end. I guess everyone that is having trouble within the last couple of days must install Flash and check your Internet Service. You have to be serious ... where do they get these $10/hour Tech Support Reps? I haven't talked to one that had a freaking clue what he was doing. I think they just read the crap out of a book.

"If the customer is having this problem, turn to page 42 and read!" :rolleyes:

I'm hoping I can get through to 2nd or 3rd level Tech Support here soon.

Please continue to post if you're having trouble getting on the forum. I'm using this post as referrence so they can see it's just not me, but a bunch of other people.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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ROB, tell them dumb ass's that it stands to reason, that if all the other forums and websites load up almost instantly, then it must be the server, that has the problem. I could drink a cup of coffee, and smoke a cig. before it loads. Sometimes it is alittle faster, but not much, Doc's AZO, Bills and a host of others load up very quick.Sooo! it server problems. Grubstake

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