Snowing in my driveway

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Hi! Dave, and Rob. Yes I think the coils go deeper in moist soil, as you know the soil in some places up here gets hard as a rock in the summer, but in the spring winter and fall its great. Now Shep does not like mud, but I do. To me it makes the targets stand out, at depth. The detector seems to run alot smoother and I don't know if its because it so hot up here in the summmer or the detecting time I can get in during the sprig, fall and winter. But I seem to get more and bigger gold during those times. Now the only coils I use are DD, I have one stock mono, one stoch DD both 11 incher's and the rest are coiltek DD's Grubstake

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Well sun is out, snow is melting, tomarrow will be 60 degs. So if Shep will get off his butt and come over my uncle should be here too. We can hit the nugget patch over by the Ophir mint. Got to be a big one over there that says GRubstake on it. Grubstake

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