Rich Hill, Stanton area

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I have been doing some research on the Rich Hill, Stanton area. I am trying to find out if I need to join a club to prospect in this area, or are there areas that are not on claims that one can go poke around. If not which clubs would be reasonable priced to join.

Thank you for all your help



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Almost the whole hill is under claim, or private. Weaver Mining DIST. is the cheapest by far, only $25.00 a year for a famaly or one person. They have some nice claim, take you a long time to hunt them all. Grubstake PS there office is on the corner just as you trun on the road toward stanton, in Congress.

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Hi Ralph

The lowest price is the Weaver Mining Club (company) twenty five dollars a year and have lots of claims.The next is GPAA with a price about seventy five for the first year and about sixty after that year. Then you have the Road Runner Club and you pay so much a year until you have paid 1500. The 24 K Club is the most in cost and can be very good if you can make all the push they have in the winter. I have to go look but I think I paid 375.00. Go to to check the price. Elly is the one who has the claims and she is a great person to help in any way she can.

Chuck Anders

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  • Admin

Hello Ralph,

The cheaper price for a club around Rich Hill is the Weaver Mining District claims. The yearly membership is only $25. However, these claims have, and are getting pounded to depth. Dig holes from drywashers and detectors everywhere. For the price though you can't beat it!

My favorite club is the 24K Gold Hunters Club. This club has some of the premier hunting grounds for gold nuggets on Rich Hill. Their claims are located in the famous Devil's Nest area, which is right below the famous Potato Patch on top of Rich Hill. The membership is $350/year, but they have a new well for water and push the claims every couple of weeks.

Roadrunners, GPAA & LDMA are a couple of other choices.

Wishing you the best of luck out there,

Rob Allison

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