One Space Available First Week at Moore Creek

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We had a person that had to drop out of the sold out first week at Moore Creek, coming up in just three weeks. This is going to be a great group and a great time. Almost everyone in the group has been to Moore Creek before, and the gung-ho first weekers usually score the most gold. I'll be there most of the week myself working on mining projects.

Also one opening in Week 2 available, and three in Week 3. See latest details at

The first week sold out 6 months ago so this is a great last minute opportunity for somebody. Quite a few guys from this forum will be there. If you guys had a buddy that wanted to go now is the chance.

We are discussing adding in a couple limited weeks at the end of July. Looks like we will be in camp anyway as Full Metal will be there working on the hardrock exploration. We would only allow a few people each week, like maybe a limit of four. If anyone thinks this is a good idea now would be a great time to speak up. I need to decide in the next few days.

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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Hello Steve,

If I didn't already have plans to head to California for a week, I might have jumped on that week. If you haven't been to Moore Creek you're really missing out. Great people, great food and lodging and most of all great gold! :P

Steve, you run a great camp at Moore Creek. Hoping to get back up there some time before you sell the mine.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Steve, oh how I wish I could get away right now, I would be there in a heartbeat, I have never had such a good time nuggethunting as I did both trips to Moore Creek. I would seriously consider late July if you decide to have people in. I was hoping to get to Moore and Ganes both in one trip but that is not looking real good.Keep me posted on your decision and I would advise anyone considering an Alaska trip to make Moore Creek their number one choice, it don't get any better than that.

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Hi Glenn,

It was great to see you on one of those rare hot streaks at Moore Creek. Sometimes it seems no matter where you turn you find gold and you sure had everyone else that week scratching their heads. It does help to work your tail off also!

I saw Doug Clark yesterday and he said he was pretty much sold out at Ganes Creek. Still no word on a final sale of the mine so hopefully there will be a shot at Ganes again for some next year. We will see.

I've still not decided about the extra weeks in July but if you really are interested I can figure out a way to accomodate you. Email me.

Well, I'm off to the mine right now. Dear old Dad and I are flying up for a day trip to just look things over and drop off some supplies. I'll take some photosand post back.

Steve Herschbach

Jesse with 24.79 oz "Keturi Nugget" found at Moore Creek


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Steve, Late July is looking real good for me right now, I will keep in touch with you to see which dates work best for you. Did you get any pictures from your trip to the mine? Talk to you later. Glenn

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