an apology to Rob and Forum Members

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Without excuses and rationalizing I extend my sincere apologies to the Forum. I allowed personal issues to intrude on a discussion of worth. At 57 one might expect to have learned better self-control...but it ain't happened yet.

Fred Mason

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Hi Fred

We all have said things that we wish that we haven't at that time and place. It's called over loading our mouth before putting brain in gear.

When you tell someone to kiss your ass that's puts a bad taste in their mouth and kissing butts will do that to you.

I tell them to kiss my grits and I hope they don't like them any more than I do.

Fred you take care and I'm glad to hear on any thing you may have to say.

Chuck Anders

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Hi Don,

The point I was trying to make is we are all human, young or old and as long as we are human, we will react.

You are right about one thing, when we get older we will still react, we just do not or soon will no remember why.

I am not 74 and can't count that far let alone feel I will make it that far. They tell me the secret to living a long life is to keep breathing. So, I guess that is what I will try to do.


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  • Admin

Hello Fred,

There is no reason to apologize. You just stated the fact about what happened, and many probably wanted to hear the truth. You're a great friend and I'm sure everyone enjoys you on the gold forums. Hope to hear from you more often. ;)

Rob Allison

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I agree with Rob Fred you have no reason to apologize, I think we all enjoyed your candor, I know I did, for reasons that you and I have discussed...I say again "Well Said"........ Good Hunting Geo :)

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