Platypus mono Scores big time

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Well this morning, Shep, Flak, Jery{pondmn} and I went to the patch, we had a good time. Shep got two little ones, I got skunked, so did Flak, But Jerry using the platpus mono, like me, scored a 17.6 DWT nugget. Very nice. Grubstake Pictures

That Mono Platypus is the cats A**, it goes deep, is sens. and light weight, and 100% waterproof. I was digging boot tacks down 8 inches, and dug a 44 rim fire henery, at over a foot down. I'm loving this coil and I know Jer does too. Grubstake

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What a way to break in a new coil. I agree with Grubstake that the playtpus mono is a very sensitive yet stable coil. I had a lot of targets screaming when under the coil. I really believe it is worth the money and will be every bit as good at the Platy DD. three nuggets in one day for the patch is pretty good. Shep will probably post his also. It was a good day hunting with Flakmagnet, Grubstake and Shep. Jerry

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Pic of Jerry's nugget doesn't do it justice, it's real purty! One, one would give to the wife and say this is why I do what I do. Talked "very general" about location, and we'll let him continue, but sounded like, dig all targets!

It was a good time! Detecting with friends, although, never saw anyone after we split up,

from the time we got there till we left.

My two little guys were found with my ol beat up 17"EM white coil. 1 was 1.6 dwt and 1 was .9 dwt. Not big, but kicked the skunk! :P


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yeh I do find them old henery casings a lot, I save them, and when I get a few they go to Jim Straight. He like to keep them. I'm pretty sure Shep would have stayed longer, but he had Flaks stuff in his truck and we were all shot for the day. We left at about 2 pm, long enough for me. I get tired easy, and so does Jerr, he's got back problems, But I have seen days when old diehard will stay late into the day. Sometimes that pays, and sometimes it don't. Luck of the draw. Grubstake

I'll tell you one thing, the Platypus DD coil was a sleeper coil, and a real winner in the gold finding department. Well this new Mono Platypus for the 4000 detectors is a real sleeper too. Its one heck of a coil. I just could not believe how deep that little coil would go on boot tacks and 22 round. Ammazing Grubstake

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Nothing like finding a butter yellow nugget that has only been touched by you and made by god, for us to find. The thrill of the hunt, just think, once you find THAT NUGGET< unless you lose it, no one can ever find it again. Its a one time deal with that nugget. Then you just start thinking of the next one you'll get. And the friends you hunt with, memories are made. Grubstake

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You Betcha! it will. Grubstake

Very good. Now all I have to do is save up for both. :)

Maybe one of these days, when my son starts talking to me again, I can drop by and give you guys a visit and meet you all. He lives up there near Arnold, which I'm sure isn't very far from you. I've taken him panning several times in the creeks up there but he never got the gold bug like me.

Ray in CA.

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  • Admin

Hello Grubstake and gang,

Well while I'm out hunting hard with the new coil, you guys get to knock out larger nuggets with the new coil! :P I'm pretty darn impressed with this new coil, and it's only the beginning my friends. Coiltek has a bunch of new stuff on the way.

Jerry, damn that is a very nice gold nugget. I just had a feeling you would score a big one with the new coil you purchased from me. I was going to place a coil under the coil cover, but thought since you're a nice friend I would wish the coil luck. Haha.. :lol: Congrats.

I believe I have maybe two Coiltek Platypus Mono's left after this weekend. I think Doc mentioned he is just about out also.

Sounds like all you guys had a great time. Wish I could have been there.

Rob Allison

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Rob looks like you did well also. If you had been here you would have probably scored the big nugget. Remember this summer you really cleaned up and then I finally got an 8.7 dwt right after you and Dennis left. I'm sure there will be another time. Looking forward to seeing you next week at Rich Hill. Jerry

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Congrats Jerry on the nice find, sure looks like a beautiful piece. Thanks for buying this MONO and giving it a go... I am always nervous when releasing a new coil, but to hear it is all working well certainly apeases my interests. Now onto the next project! ;)

Also, well done to Shep, love seeing the colour no matter when or where or how!

I reckon we will be quite busy building the next batch for Docs next order!

I also saw some comments about the skid plate: there is a thin gap around the skid and the body of the coil. Mainly dew to the imprecise nature of vacuum forming. As Rob mentioned you can run these coils with no skid if preferred (this wont void your warranty) as they are extremely durable and can take whatever you give out. Also the silicone idea around the gap will also work. I believe the amount of dirt that gets caught in the skid should have no effect on performance unless it was gold dust! You need quite alot of highly mineralised soil near the coil for performance to drop (from my experience).

We can also provide a full skid if you prefer that where it covers the base of the coil but I guess that will catch dirt/rocks too. I believe run with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for reading

Onwards and upwards!

Trev @ Coiltek.

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