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Practical Prospecting with the Minelab GPX Series

Hi Everyone,

Our newest video project is getting closer to being finished, and we hope to have stock available within a month (or sooner). Shot in the heart of Arizona gold country, this DVD is geared towards the Minelab PI metal detectors, specifically the GPX-4500. It covers the new features found on this model with actual demonstrations in the field. Aside from myself, viewers will also have the opportunity to hear from Rob Allison and Bob “Montana†Dansie as they share their experiences with the GPX-4500 along with helpful hints for choosing proper settings. Other topics covered include: dealing with trash, pinpointing, ground balancing, target recovery, detecting techniques, coil selection and more! There are also some great live “nugget digs†captured on tape.

Joe Kauffman has put together a short sneak preview clip, which can be viewed by following the link below. When the player window appears you can either select PLAY, or scroll down and choose either a smaller or larger file.

Practical Prospecting Preview Clip

We expect the video to be approximately 2.5 hours in duration with a selling price around the $30 mark. If you would like to preorder a copy, please contact Rob's Detectors, or your local dealer.

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Hi Chris

I just enjoy the clip with that alone put excitement in my blood and saying what the sam hill am I doing here.The price at 30 dollars you can't beat that with a stick.

I hope you sale alot!

Chuck Anders

PS Rob let us know when you get them in please.You can go ahead and write my name on the wall for one.

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

This new GPX-4500 Instructional DVD will be great. Just from some of the Promo videos I'm excited to see the whole thing.

If anyone is interested in this DVD video, please email me at - [email protected] or call to get on the list for the first ones to arrive. You can also post a reply back here if you're interested in getting one of the first copies available.

This DVD is filmed entirely here in the US (Arizona), so for all your US hunters you will find this DVD very valuable.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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