Finally Got Some!!!! (gold that is...)

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Well RD was looking down smiling today and decided to throw some nuggets my way. I ended up with four little nuggets totaling 2.81 dwt. I got them with the 11" Mono Commander coil I just received from Rob, I was using my 4500. One of them was still inside a big ol' piece of caliche. It took a long time to get the gold out of the middle of it. I was scared I was going to break the gold in two if I did not crack the caliche in the right place. I could tell by the sound it was a oblong shaped piece of gold (kind of a double beep - like a nail or piece of wire). But I got it apart and came out great. Its the one on the top left in the pic.

The piece of caliche was about the size of a birthday cake.

I think I can damn near call this area a patch, This makes it the 7th nugget pulled out of this little area. I had been going over it with mostly larger coils and thought it was cleaned out, I figured I would hit this area one more time with the new coil I got and WOW within about 45 minutes I hit four in a row before I had to leave. I think I am going to go back tomorrow, anyone want to come along?


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WO, back up. What do you mean RD was looking down on you???? Please don't tell me RD passed away? Geesh RD has been at about every outting I have ever been to. He is such a nice guy.

It really saddens my heart to see us losing so many of our prospecting friends. This sucks!


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Hello Doc,

Yep, Richard passed away some time ago. I don't remember the exact details, but I found this on Bill's forum -

It saddens me to have to report that my friend and prospecting buddy, RD, Richard Delahanty,

passed away on Thursday Jan. 24.

I had been away, and just learned of RDs passing from his wife Donna, this afternoon.

Shortly after our prospecting trip last year, Dick started to feel like he had the Flu, and was

subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer.

During this time, RD preferred that the fact of his

illness not be put on the web, and of course I respected Dick's wishes!

RD's address : Richard M. Delahanty

80380 Sabita Drive

Indio CA 92201


Richard will be missed for sure and is definately looking down at you Jaminson!

Rob Allison

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