First Field Report on the new Coiltek Round Goldstalkers Searchcoils

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Hello All,

Today my partner Leaverite and I headed out to test drive the new 16 & 18-inch Round Goldstalker Mono Searchcoils. We started the search out on some old patches. It was tough to maximize depth with these new coils since the grass was very thick in some spots due to the recent Monsoon's. I was using the 18-inch round, while Leaverite was using the 16-inch. Within no time, Leaverite mentioned he has a faint target and dug up a small gold nugget. He rechecked the same hole and heard another faint target. Low and behold it was another small gold nugget around the same size.

I really tried my hardest to get the new 18-inch over a gold nugget, but it just wasn't in the cards today.

What I can tell you so far about these new coils are -

(1) Very Lightweight

(2) Extremely Strong Design with Coil Cover

(3) Very Smooth with No Falsing

(4) Very Sensitive on the outside edge

I'm looking forward to getting back out there with the new coils when it cools down a bit. Today seemed like 130 degrees! :closedeyes: Here are a few pictures of today gold nuggets that were found with the new Goldstalker 16-inch round Mono.

Man, talk about impressive searchcoils from Coiltek.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Did Leaverite say how deep the nuggets were? Those are nice. Too bad you did not get over any today. I got skunked today also. I was too hot and I only got in 1 hour detecting. I am sure you will get some next time. Take care.



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Hey Leaverite

Thats the way to go taking a new coil out for the first time for a walk around the block.Did you tell Rob when you had more time you would show him what he was doing wrong. :spank:

Rob if Coiltek just went on looks alone they'd win.I wonder how they can take a great coil thats been from day one and make it better but thats the laws that govern electronics they know.Maybe Leaverite will mow a strip out so you can hunt with that big coil.

Best To Both of You!

Chuck Anders

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Hey Guys,

There is no doubt the 16-inch round will go deeper then the 14-inch elliptical and the 18-inch round will go deeper then the 18.5-inch elliptical. However, the different won't be really huge, but if you're paying attention and hunting slow there is no doubt you will get better depth with the rounds. Typically, a round the same sized as an elliptical will go slightly deeper.

Matt - He didn't say how deep, just the fact they were deep and there was a lot of digs in the area, so the nuggets were probably missed by others. Both of them came from the same hole, which is always nice.

Chuck - The new Goldstalker series is nice! They have become the top seller here in the US and starting in Australia. You can never go wrong with the Coiltek coil, especially with the new lightweight Goldstalkers.

Talk with you all later,

Rob Allison

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