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Talk about a birthday for a prince of a gentleman. Hope you have a really good one and have all the grandkids over. Isn't this the big 80. Enjoy your birthday, you have sure earned it. We all look up to you for more information on gold that seems exhaustless. Jerry

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GOsh... I just opened my ol' dialup and typing with two fingers... slowly.

Happy Birthday Hendo...

Yep... It is now my 80th. My backtrail is long and winding. (Chris, I was one of guys 40 years ago using a BFO in the mineral setting seeking concentations of metal. But I'm looking foreward to the trail ahead). Actually my first class was in 1969. I taught in various school districts, Fontana, Rialto, and even UC Riverside campus. Grubstake and

I even shared the same students... several were in both our classes over the years...

I will have a booth at the Lancaster GPAA goldshow... It will be next to Pedersen's

Metal detectors whose store is in Santa Ana. Please, everyone, plan on stoping by

giving me shout... I will have all three of Dr. Erik Melchiorres books. You are most welcome to look my copies over and see all at the great information within... Chris Cholson was one of the co-authors in the first book and Rob Allison was involved in the third...

I will have a map to display, based on the Wheeler Survey. It is certainly wiorth

looking at.Lt. Wheeler was one of the pathfinders (topographical engineer as was Lt. Fremont).

I will have complementary issues of several "treasure magazines" to handout. Lost Treasure

(As you know Chris Gholson is one of their field and column editors). I will also have copies of Western & Eastern magazine too...

Sorry about the typos... my program is now dated... THANKS Jim Sraighht

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Guest sandtrap


By now you got our birthday card, from the gang at Randsburg General Store.. But Happy Birthday , again, O GURU ! Your humble student..................See you in Lancaster.

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Sandtrap... the gang at the Randsburg General Store have always been

Dear to me over the many Years. I have not yet got a card... thanks

for the heads up... I posted a card to Pam; addessed to the store..

My 80th will be shortly at Shakeys in Redlands... There will be a big

gang there... 80 candles burning and four great-grandkids will be carefully

supervised blowing them out...

Gold truly comes in many forms! But you all know that...

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