Bradshaw Mountain Gold

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Hello All,

A few weeks ago a partner and I decided to take the quads and hit a few washes that were productive in the past. When we arrived to the general area we noticed some of the washes didn't see much action from the rains, while a few others got blown out. We decided to hit a few of the washes that had more action and scored 8 nuggets in just a few hours time. I found 6 nuggets shown on top of the coil and my partner found 2 shown on the bottom. All the nuggets were found with Minelab GPX-4500 metal detectors and Coiltek Goldstalker 14-inch elliptical Goldstalker's.

Just goes to show it's still out there! Read the captions below to learn more abou the photos.


In the photo below you might notice the iron dikes on the hillside. Over the years in this small wash I've taken many ounces of gold ranging up to about 1/3 ouncers. No ones knows about this spot, so it's nice to get back to it when it rains heavy.


Notice the small, ancient bench that my partner is hunting on the side of the wash. The main wash below has produced many ... many ounces of gold over the years, but it's not a major, known wash in the Bradshaw's. When I first started hunting this wash back in the 90's the nuggets were everywhere. We are still finding them and just started hitting the old benches that never been hunted. They also have gold nuggets, but we just began to hit them. Miles and miles of old benches and very little time to hit them ...


Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice gold nuggets. Thanks for posting those pictures of the beautiful Arizona desert. Brings back memories of going to college in AZ. I just wish I was prospecting back then. I may have to count all the gold nuggets I have got with that 14" eliptical Goldstalker. Never leave home without it.



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Rob, Nice Black Canyon Nugs. Those look fairly smooth and water worn. I have noticed that the nugs in the small washes shedding off of those dikes are usually rough. Downstream in the larger washes plus the ancient bench placers have those nice smooth worn ones. However, I have found a few well worn ones high up in the hills. Not sure why they were worn so well, when seemingly very close to the source. Appearantly an enormous amount of time and events have past for these, leaving one wondering just how long has that nugget been laying there, and what geologic events has it seen.

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