Prelim. approval for carrying concealed weapon without permit

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Preliminary approval for carrying concealed weapon without permit

Not directly gold related but as a lot of us carry while prospecting, I thought it may be of interest.

Wow, and to think, I just recently renewed mine... this is pretty huge fellow Arizonans..... :)

This link/article has a video:


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Hello Jen,

I heard about this today. Sounds like it might be very close to getting passed. However, I guess that gives all the criminals rights to hide a handgun also ...

Rob Allison

They already were..... the law only affected law abiding citizens... same ole same ole. :)

The one drawback to this is that for those people who live in or travel to states that honor the AZ CWP via reciprocal agreements, they'll no longer being doing so if there's no AZ CWP. The basic premise is that states would only honor other states permits if they met the minimums of the state you are wising to be honored in... no AZ CWP handed out any longer, then no honoring of it.

Utah and Florida CCW/CWP permits will skyrocket.

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Just says we all have the right to bear arms. Grubstake

I hole heartedly disagree, I already don't have much of a chance with this small can of bear spray, if we give them all guns, I won't have a chance. :P

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Yeh, I know she is, I just had to mess with her, I was married to a Canadian for 4 years. She was fron Edmonton Alberta. So I have to get my pokes in. I used to run Alberta, when I was driving longhaul truck, been to Ft. McMurry many times to SUNCOR Atleast that what it called then, mining Tar Sands. I haul lots of equipment into that place.I even got up to yellow knife a time or two. Grubstake

I always carried a 44 mag with me in my truck, and had to leave it at the Brokers office on the US side going in to Alberta

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