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I took a Motorbike ride through Crown King and down into the Packard area with a friend of mine on Saturday. We rode for 9 hours through some of the roughest terrain that a motorbike or any other offroad vehicle as far as that goes could handle. His bike was leaking some gas trough a faulty shut off valve and he ran out of gas down by Rock Springs. I went on and got the truck and came back and got him around 9 pm. We got to the Bad Ass B-Que just before 10 pm and got the all you can eat beef ribs "emmm good". Our trip was not without reward, we saw some very interesting gold country and maybe the most mystifying sight I have ever seen. Most of you have seen pictures and maybe some of you have seen with your own eyes Stonehenge in England. Imagine a granite boulder in the same elongated shape as the big stones at Stonehenge standing upright on a sloping smooth polished granite foundation out in the middle of nowhere. The boulder pictured below is probably 20 to 30 feet tall and probably 80 to 100 tons in mass. Just how in the hell did it get into that position? Totally mind blowing!!




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Cool Pics, A bit on the huge size tho :)

I've seen some strange formations and that one looks like it's ready to fall.

Here is a formation In the Rubys

Chris, Yea I am not good at sizing pics. Maybe Rob can fix them. That formation you posted is really interesting. I wonder how it weathered in that shape? Looks like ancient hand stacking.

The boulder in my pics. does not appear to have weather out in that place. It must have slid down the hill and stood on its head to a stop (maybe). The granite underneath the boulder is consistant and smooth with this mega boulder balancing upright. Makes one wonder if it was moved there intentionly by someone or something. I don't believe in UFO's, but this balancing act begs for an explaination.

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Often times these types of oddities are whats left over after a landslide occurs of soft soil that carries some rocks and then as the dirt erodes away the rocks are left. My guess is this one just happened to end up balanced after the dirt that carried it there turned to mud and washed away.

Neat pic.

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When the Spanish came into what we know now as the USA they had to have a way to find their way back home.They had people assign to doing nothing but marking the trails so they could find the way home when they went back.Most of the trail markers had a pointer on top as to say go this way.By the way the maker was made would tell them on what could be taken over it.The whole thing was you had to know on how to read what it was saying to you.They also had treasure markings say like a door way and I found one in Colorado that I had posted with a picture on a story I'd written for GPAA.

I know the rock is big but they came to take on whatever was needed to do the job.

Chuck Anders

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That is interesting, Strange the way the mineralization is weeping out the left side and that it has survived even with all the lightning strikes on top. The weeping may be atributed to the strikes.? AzNuggetbob

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