Rye Patch nugget

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First nugget at rye patch. 2 dwt gp3000 12 inches. its my first nugget over .02dwt it was awesome

Thanks to NVchris for all the help also to luckylundy,nuggetslayer, elDorado steve and robert for all the time they spent teaching me to hunt.



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Dude, what happend with the hair! I hope you got even with the barber. I can't be more proud of you. Your hardwork is paying off with a very nice nugget for your poke of dinks. Congrat's buddy! Until our next hunt.


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It was great meeting Rudy he's got a great attitude, appetite and takes suggests well.

Rudy you know your always welcome in my home ...... dinner is at 6 ........ just bring your own vinegar :)


Oh, heres the new mass transit system @ Rye Patch


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Hi all,

Nice nugget, great transport, mighty dry reservoir for this late into the spring...

Hope to see you before long, Chris. Got a treat for ye to wet yer whistle with!


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