First finds with the new 5000

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Hey all,

I purchased a 5000 from Rob a few weeks ago after hanging out with LuckyLundy and friends. I thought I would post my finds from a ditch out behind my house. So far I have come up with a 6 gram nugget, an 1842 dime and a nice 1840's two piece belt buckle. I have been a dredging/sniper for many years and have to say this as at least as enjoyable as having my face in the water. Looking forward to many more adventures and hope to have more to post soon.





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Hello Chris,

Congrats on the new finds. Great to see some other treasures beyond gold nuggets you're finding. Your in great hands with Lucky and Company up there in California. Hope to see you contributing more stories and finds in the near future. Wishing you much more success with your new GPX5000 metal detector.

Thanks once again for allowing Rob's Detector Sales to earn your business.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Your learning very quick and your poke is looking very nice for just having your GPX 5000 for a short-time. Remember, dig all them targets you never know what they really are until they are in your hand. Some nuggets won't even sound like they should, but you'll learn some of the funny sounds they make to try to fool you. Your in a great little group of prospectors and you have the right machine and work ethic to be very sucessful with your detector. C'ya soon for the next hunt!


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We find them out in our goldfields and each one has a story to tell. The clothing of the 49er's is another story of the gold rush era. Worth money, well you don't toss them in the trash with your bullets and nails...highly priced piece Chris has there...I think there is one piece missing, I'll have to show him what it looks like.


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rick, did you allow for inflation on that! Ha! Ha! those are great finds. My uncle has half of an 1833 militia buckle. Found in a field in San juan Batista. Grubstake

I also want to say, in my opinion, gold will hit $1400.00 by Nov. first. Just before the big election. Grubstake

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Great finds Christopher!

If I may, I wanted to comment on your buckle. Your oval eagle solid cast brass tongue & wreath belt buckle is unique in the fact that these buckles have only been found in California Gold Rush camps. (that me and my hunting partners have seen so far) The ones that we have found in our circle and ones we have seen from other hunters have all come from 1850's camps. A lot of time has been spent in the research of these buckles and it is believed that they were cast in one of two cities in Cal. if not both.

I attached a couple of pictures. The first, is a picture of two belt keepers, one of which could have possibly been used with your buckle. Did you also find one of these? You would have the complete buckle then. Sometimes when a miner got rid of his buckle he would throw down all three pieces in the same area. The second picture is what a complete buckle set would have looked like.

Again congrats on your finds and I hope this helps. If for some chance your not into relics I have plenty of gold nuggets to do some trading!




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Do most of you, that are using the 5000 and other high end Minelabs, live in Arizona, California, or Nevada? There just doesn't seem to be gold of the size your finding, here in Colorado. The fact I have the lowly SD2200V2 and a couple of GB2's might be part of the problem. Of course dredging is still viable and the way most of us in this state get by. Flour gold does add up.


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