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Hello All,

The customer asked me to post this -


I want to thank you for your service to the detecting community, and also special thanks to "Doc" for his

special attention to my "Pocket Rocket" break down. Several months ago I sent him (you asked me to contact

him directly) my "Pocket Rocket sytem" batteries and regulator for my GPX 4000.

He latter informed me that it was rare that a regulator would fail, but mine did, and it was well out of

warranty. I asked him to send it in for repair, he did, and told me it would take "some time".

I detected the rest of the summer with my stock battery, and then with the begining of winter (my detecting

season was over) I e-mailed him an inquiry about the status of the repair. He said he would send it right away,

(I paid him the $57 for the repair, including shipping) and it arrived about a week latter.

Rob, I was really surprised! I did not get my "Old regulator and batteries" back. They were new!

I do no know how to post this so that he gets the public recognition he deserves for going above and

beyond, and hope that you have a suggestion.

In this day and age, we as consumers forget that our problems are vented to "real" people, like us, and

we need spend more time considering we should treat our dealers as we would want to be treated.

Thank you Rob and Dawn for being my

trusted link to dectecting supplies.

Ray Powell

Helena Mt.

[email protected]

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Thank you Ray for the nice comments. The repair took a little longer than I liked so I took matters into my own hands and did what was necessary to get you up and running.

As far as I am concerned my best advertisement is a happy customer. I can spend all the money in the world on magazine advertising to get you as a first time buyer, but after that, is up to me and great dealers like Rob to keep a smile on your face, and make you a lifelong client.

Rob and I have always agreed in our view of customer service. When you purchase a product from Rob's Detector Sales or Doc's Detecting Supplies, you are doing more than buying a product, you are investing in a relationship with Rob and I, and that is something that we take very seriously.

Thanks again!


Hello All,

The customer asked me to post this -

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I too can offer testimony about Doc's excellent customer service. After an email exchange Doc sent me a new unit without requiring that I return the old unit first. After using the replacement unit a few times I realized there was nothing wrong with the first unit it was simply airborne interference. It is indeed unusual to find someone that really takes the extra effort to provide top notch customer service.

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From soup to NUTS.... I mean boots to detectors and everything in between.

I remember goin up to see Doc a few years ago to pick up a pair of Bates boots and a ML2100 with accessories.

And some good advise thrown in.

Keep up the good work guys your'e appreciated.

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Hey, I'll tell you! I've bought off ROB and DOC, from the getgo, no one beats there service!, And I've had both out to detect with me, Rob, spent three days out here with Dennis and both went home with gold, Doc spent two days, and Got lost! But he found us again. He's a fun person to detect with, I can remmeber him saying: How in the heck! Do you guys detect in all this brush. I am lucky to consider them both my friends and would hunt with them out here, anytime. Grubstake

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