Doc & Rob @ Mesa GPAA Gold Show

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Hello All,

Doc and his wife Diana decided to drive down to Mesa, AZ and help us out with the Mesa GPAA Gold Show. Make sure you stop and see Doc and I at our "Rob's Detector Sales" booths. We all went out to dinner tonight and we got to hear first hand how the Sudan, Africa trip went. I must say hearing the stuff in person is much better than watching the Youtube videos.

Hope to see you all this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at the show. Looks like it might be a great show from the amount of vendors and rumors about the potential head count through the day Saturday.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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It was nice to see you again Chris. Guys, Chris is a man with guts of steel. Scot from Minelab took us all out to dinner and told us we should have the BUFFALO MEATLOAF. Well Rob and I weren't buying any of that so we had steak. But Chris said, "Heck yeah, I'll eat some Buffalo." You know I tasted it, and it was pretty darn good. After eating all that different kind of food in Sudan, lately I sort of been sticking with food I recognize.


It was fun to see Rob and Doc and have a nice visit to catch up. Rob, Doc, Dennis and Glen are all great guys and it was fun to chat with everybody.

Another great show, looking forward to the next.

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Hey Guys,

The show was a good one. I've had better show as far as sales, but this show I pretty much handed out every card I had (well over 800). I believe there were about 1800 people that attended the first day and about half that amount the second day. Overall the show the was good and I got to see a bunch of friends again.

I have to Thank Doc and his wife for coming down and helping out with the booth. Both night we went out to eat with good friends and Doc even told us more about the Sudan trip.

Great seeing you all, Frank with Ol-Yeller Drywasher's, Bunk with Bunk's Prospecting, Barry & Leigh with Footprints, Travis @ Pro-Gold, James M. with White's, Doc with Doc's Detecting and all my other new friends with various clubs; GPAA, LDMA, Roadrunners and more!

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Just got home tuesday night, Sgt. if you weren't there to talk to I would have gone stir crazy. thanks for your help gettin us started off settin up.

If I knew I was going to sell out I would have brought more drywashers with me.

Bunk an I couldn't resist headin to Congress for the GPAA gathering straight from the show. Got a little detectin in at Rich Hill 2 nuggs for 2 more notches on my detector shaft.

Great seein ya all, lets do it again in April at the Vegas show.

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