Very strange nugget

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Recently a client came by to share this detector found piece of gold so I could photograph it. It was found at 26" deep with a GPX5000 set in Fine Gold Timing. The enhanced timing did not even blink over it and it did not become a good sounding gold target until down about a foot. It is leaf gold for sure, but certainly the largest thickest piece I have ever seen. It was buried in cemented gravels, the ground was 100% virgin. One of the most unique natural pieces of gold I have ever seen.





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I would have to change me shorts after a find like that ...Dayuuummm

Very nice gold nugget! I guess you can call it a nugget? That is the biggest piece of leaf gold I have ever seen.

adam-I carry a little toilet paper just in case I find something like that! lol.


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hey steve,

what are you going to do with it ? I imagine its going to make an interesting piece of jewelry ?

It's not mine, a client brought it over to share and have me take some pictures of it for them.

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