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Hello All,

Just wanted to wish all the forum members a Happy New Year from Rob's Detector Sales. We hope you all have a very prosperous 2012 season.

On another note, this forum will not be asking for donations. I have been asked from several members if this forum site will eventually ask for donations. This site is strickly owned and operated by Rob's Detector Sales and we will never ask nor accept any donations.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Happy New Year to Rob and family, and all of you other groovy folks I've met or hope to in the coming year.

Love my new big scoop - helped clean out a large volume of bailing wire at Greaterville yesterday (and an old can 2 feet down) but doggy and I had a ball on a beautiful day!

Your next trip could be your next nugget! :)

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Rob you should have a good year with your online store. I guess I'm not surprised by the donation request from the other forum. Hey Kelly

wait till you dig 3 of those two foot plus holes in a row for trash man that will wear you out quick. The first one I dug I was alittle

pissed the second one I was like WT# after the third one all I could do was laugh. The next target was gold. You just have to dig them all

down there.

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