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I mostly swing a DD Coil, when out patch hunting. It will save you time so you can cover more ground vs digging them iffy signals with your Mono Coil. I'm looking for them sitting ducks, and ounce you find one hunt the area hard to see if you found a patch or another nugget or two. Well this nugget turned into a nice little patch took a week to clean her out. Now the leg work for the next one! Until our next hunt.



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Wow...good job Lucky!

Thats some nice gold there.

Did you just happen on the patch or snoop it out with

super detecting skills?

Tom H.

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You have to use a Mono coil on every patch...they are my main coil. Today I have my 12x15 DD Commander on. Don't under estimate the depth a DD coil will detect a target, swing speed for the deep ones has to be very slow. Until our next hunt


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Just got back from the hunt and cleaned up with a nice shower too! Here is the color I found today with the 12x15 DD Commander, it's a great coil and a must have for your tackle box of other coils. Until our next hunt!



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Hey LuckyLundy... You are lucky for a reason. You know your "stuff." It took a while for

the"DD"s" to catch on. The first DD was designed by Don Dykstra back in 1972 while

he was working for Compass Electronics. Some say the "DD" was named after Don

Dykstra. Others will say because it looks like two capital "Ds" back to back.

With the VLF's, the DD design was better able to handle Mineralization (magnetite

Fe3O4) than the popular concentrics. This why some of todays VLF's, such as

the Fisher F-75 and the Gold Bug Pro only use DD-search coils..

However, the Pulse's by design are considered be able to handle heavy "miineralization"

and the "Monos" (Concentric) are conciderd more sensitive to smaller nuggets and

at the same time be able to handle most miineralization, This is why the White's TDI's come

standard with with Monos.

But there is still a small fraternity of DD only users; both VLF and Pulses. Many are known

to be in the top ten percent of those who most consistently find gold

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"Hard to beat a DD coil" ???

Every coil config has its own special merits and uses, lets not forget that ground dictates coil usage and settings, also

it dictates settings and swing speed, coil height etc.

DD coils are A very useful weapon even on the almighty 45 & 5k, and i love your style Lucky, no doubting that mate, you think outside

of the norm, and explore all angles and options of coil/settings available on the market.

Lucky's results are the result of thinking outside the square, outside the norm, pushing the envelope,and this is true prospecting

in its entire sense, when the ground is wet as your coil shows, the ground conductivity is gonna be a major factor in stability and

penetration,this is where the DD coil comes into its own, ran in sens sharp with a close GB under these conditions we can almost

get the same depth and sens as a Mono coil with the added advantage of hearing the slightest waiver in the threshold that can be a

deep solid slug as lucky is gettin...

Mate keep up the good work, as if you need tellin that hahaha..... lovely gold great post.

15x12 Commander DD or 17x11 Coiltek DD pro, both are magic coils, and way under rated in damp shitty ground.

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