POPS FOUND A NUGGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey all:

Went out with dad today to Owl wash.

First half of the day we were digging lots of fun stuff as you can see.

Then around noon I headed up to a trib into Owl wash and found two nuggets in it.

Dad stayed around the truck and detected.

I kept hearing odd sounds on the way back...kind of like a drunk sailor or something.

As I rounded the bend I see Pops doing cartwheels and handstands in the middle of the wash!

Thinking he had finally lost it I asked him what was going on and he kept mumbling GOLD...GOLD..

Well.............Pops finally found a nugget after detecting for a year....talk about perseverence!

Ok....maybe wasnt doing handstands. :)

He did move a big rock and found that broken end of a wheel stud...then as any good prospector would do...he detected his dig dirt and hit another target. Got it in the spoon and sorted it out....and there it was....just looking up at him begging to be put in the bottle.

It was a great day out with about 1.5 grams gold.

Dad and I both found some stuff we dont know what it is....it looks like silver. Anyone have a guess? Its the dark thing inbetween the gold.

Pops nug is on the right and mine are on the left.

Also....what a day for snakes! I saw two of them and they were coming at me with a knife! Only bout a foot and a half long...no rattles.

Anyone know what kind they are?

I imagine a spitting cobra or or black mamba or something :)

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If you look at the trash......I found a light bulb also! Go figure.....

I put my tarnished nugget in muratic acid tonight and it ate all the brown stuff off......it looks like gold?? Its not in the original pics....I had to refind it after I dropped it. :o

Were going to dip Pops big turd nugget in acid tomarow and see what happens.

Could gold be that crappy looking?

I would think if it is brass it would be tarnished green?

Any body have a way to tell brass from gold?

Could it be something somebody had melted down with mercury and lost it? Pop's turd looks like there is some flux on it. There is a small mine up above where we were.

The mystery nug is in the middle of the real nugs. :)

Tom H.

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I tested the round nugget with nitric acid today....it turned blue. :( Go figure...a piece of brass...

Tom H.

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Nice goin Tom & co. A tributary with gold in it sounds lke a new patch starting.... :ph34r: If you ever have a snake coming at you with a knife, just punch it square in the nose :lol:

I think those are two different species of snakes... The first looks like some subspecies of garter snake. Hard to tell on the second one without a head shot, but im thinking a leaf nosed snake.

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I've got to set it straight who was the most excited about me finding a nugget. Tom was by far more ecstatic than I was. I just sat on the rock that I found the nug under and waited for him to tell me how he made out. Well he found three and out classed me by far again, it's hard to beat that ML 5000. I told him that I found one and he was so elated and said that it made his day.

Most times I follow him around and dig up the nuggets that he finds. That's when we find a good debris field and he can go on detecting. The Owl Wash is still giving up some nice ones and I like the place even if it does have snakes. We have gone over it several times and still we hit. Tom is becoming quite efficient with the Mine Lab and can go way deeper than me with the Gold Bug Pro. Like a lot of you guys are saying it takes time and patience, and a lot of slow swinging. Actually it hasn't been a year that I have been beepin so you have to take what the young fellow says with a grain of salt.

Old Tom

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