My Dig of the Week! #2

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While skirting around and old patch searching for a deep sounding target, I detected to the end of the patch that has more than enough booming trash targets than a detectorist can stand. knowing that a patch of gold doesn't end in a straight line, I always dig several of these boomers out to try to expand a patch during a hunt. Square Nails and chunks of steel or the norm and usually only a few inches deep, so digging them out is kind of fast. My third target 7" away from my last sounded the same as the last nail. But, to make headway, you have to remove the trash, to find what's lurking below them. I busted the dirt down about 4" with my pick thinking that the target should be out and as I lifted my pick from the last scrap this nugget slid back into the hole! Geez, my VLF would have found this sucker I, said. I have a few saying's for nuggets like this; when digging trash from a patch "Keep yourself Honest" you can't tell the difference from a good trash target from a shallow fat nugget, or "Dig them all and let the Scoop sort them out". After cleaning this nugget, I felt and seen my pick mark as I scraped it out of the hole. I bet if I would have looked at the hole I would have seen the slide track in the soil before I covered the hole backup! Until the next hunt!



8.8 dwt's, great looking pendant for someone!


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Thats a nice nugget!

Glad you got it...

Keep at it.. :)

Tom H

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i thot manatee as soon as i saw it...

beautiful Lucky,,,Now quit being so dang hard on em with the pick,,,jimenneez... lolol

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Definitely a manatee,, got the big snout and the same tail..... but WHALE makes it sound bigger,,,,

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