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While out Sunday, I heard a slight wobble on the detector.Already having dug a dozen trash targets mad0228[1].gif I assumed this to be another lead bullet. Having found this piece I would have expected to have the nugget blast my ears off, but I found the nugget wedged between the 2 pieces of bedrock as shown in the picture, laying vertically. Always digging everything payed off, this time!! happy0199[1].gif The smaller nugget was found on some caliche in another location.

Keep on digging everything, and eventually it will pay off.




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Dave- I had the same situation last year, been digging targets all day and no GOLD. I got a whopper of signal, blew my ears off. It was a 44 caliber slug. :angry2: As I was kicking the dirt back into the hole, I remembered to re-check the hole. There was still a signal in the hole, after digging another 16" deeper, an 18 gram solid gold nugget was in my scoop. I almost left it for the next guy. I'll never forget that day and will always re-check every hole ,no matter what came out of it first !!! Dave

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